Types of Therapy

Individual Therapy

Individual psychotherapy on a one-to-one basis can help clients identify and address problems and make positive changes in their lives. Dr. Webb helps clients bring about change by working with fixed patterns of thought, feeling, or behavior that are causing difficulties. Clients learn to evaluate their own problematic thoughts and feelings so that they can begin to help themselves when facing obstacles or challenges.

Together, therapy goals are identified, and Dr. Webb uses the most appropriate interventions to help the individual fulfill those goals and move beyond negative patterns from the past. When assessing and working with clients various treatment theories and modalities, such as psychodynamic therapy, interpersonal therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy and person-centered therapy are utilized.

"It is often through clarity and understanding of all the variables affecting us that enables us to make more honest and mindful choices. Change can be very difficult and in my therapy we work together to reduce the fear of making choices. I hope that through therapy, my clients can create a more empowered and joyful life."

All forms of psychotherapy have common therapeutic factors and Dr. Webb believes the most important are trust, unconditional positive regard and safety. Each client is treated with respect and acceptance of their own circumstances, without judgement. Dr. Webb works very hard to create an environment of trust so that clients feel safe enough to explore their vulnerabilities and be able to experience any and all emotions. By allowing clients to get in touch with their feelings, they are then able to gather new information and new meanings about their symptoms and troubling experiences in their life. Through this process, clients’ symptoms are relieved and unproductive patterns of behavior are changed.

Couples Therapy

Couples therapy is aimed at helping partners increase their understanding of one another and improve the connection and intimacy in their relationship. Using the Gottman Method for couple’s therapy, which is structured, goal-oriented, and most of all scientifically-based, Dr. Webb’s therapy focuses on helping the couple to learn constructive ways of managing conflict. She helps the couple develop ways to enhance the friendship that underlies their relationship, as well as develop and maintain a system of shared meaning.

"Not only do I help couples create a supportive environment that reduces the risk of separation and divorce, but I help couples regain a joyful and respectful partnership."